Manufacturer: FRATELLI ROSSO
RAGUSANO SEASONED D.O.P. (SALE BY WEIGHT) The Sicilian caciocavallo (caciucavaddu in the Sicilian language) is a seasoned stretched curd cheese typical of all the regions that formed the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. Ragusano DOP is produced in the Ragusa countryside on the Hyblaean mountains using the milk of Modica breed cattle. The limestone plateau of the Iblei, which occupies the south-eastern edge of Sicily, slopes southwards with green pastures and cultivated fields until it reaches the sandy dunes, rich in spontaneous vegetation, of the coastal strip. The Ragusa countryside, designed with the limestone of the characteristic dry stone walls and punctuated by the typical rural architecture of the Iblean farms, moves among the centuries-old carob trees, olive trees, vineyards and natural harsh pastures, but rich in forage essences where they graze freely the cows of the Modicana breed.
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