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POMEGRANATE (SALE BY WEIGHT) The pomegranate is the fruit of the pomegranate. Spherical in shape, with a bright red skin, only the seeds are consumed, internal grains (arils), with a sour taste and rich in tannin. The pomegranate is a fruit with few calories and great nutritional values, present on the tables of the holidays, as a symbol of abundance, fertility and prosperity. It is considered the king of fruits for its particular crown-shaped petiole.
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CICORIETTA (SALE BY WEIGHT) Chicory stimulates appetite and helps digestion. It has a purifying and detoxifying effect, contributing to the proper functioning of the intestine, liver and kidneys. Contains many vitamins and as many mineral salts
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BIETOLINA (SALE BY WEIGHT) Beets are foods of plant origin belonging to the group of vegetables or greens. Their edible part is made up of the leaves and stems. Beets are traditionally enjoyed boiled or steamed, seasoned with a little extra virgin olive oil. They are also perfect as an ingredient for minestrone and soups and as a filling in fresh pasta, omelettes, meat-based main courses, savory pies, flans and focaccia. As a side dish they go perfectly with boiled potatoes, eggs and meats, both red and white, but they are also very tasty with fish, for example cuttlefish or boiled cod.
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CLEAN BROCCOLI/ CIME DI RAPA (SALE BY WEIGHT) Broccoli or turnip greens are the green part of the turnip that has not yet flowered. The parts of the edible turnip tops are the leaves, the floral "buttons" and the flowers. They are to be consumed after cooking and have a very characteristic flavor, slightly bitter and spicy. The turnip greens can be consumed in various ways: it is excellent boiled (in abundant salted water for 15 minutes) and seasoned with vinaigrette, or simply with oil and lemon. The turnip top is recommended to accompany little tasty foods, such as potatoes or tofu, in fact, thanks to its particular flavor, it gives a delicate spicy note.
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PUNTARELLE CATALONIA CIMATA (SALE BY WEIGHT) Puntarelle or Catalonian chicory (Chichorium intybus) is a variety of salad from the Composite family, also known as “chicory asparagus” is a head chicory that is eaten cooked, boiled or steamed and raw in delicious salads. Cimata catalonia is a salad rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, calcium and phosphorus. Thanks to the presence of this concentrate of nutrients, chicory can be considered a remineralizing vegetable, especially if eaten raw. With steam cooking, chicory loses most of its macro nutrients. The catalonia has a diuretic action, helps expel toxins and is suitable for those who follow a low calorie diet.
equates to €6.90 per 1 kg(s)