Manufacturer: SOLMIELATO
HONEY IN BIO BEAN GR.180 LEONARDI The honeycomb is a vertical construction made by bees and composed of a set of hexagonal cells made of wax. Bees use them to store food supplies during particularly productive periods, and are made up of honey, pollen and royal jelly.But then is the honeycomb edible? The answer is yes, as it is made up of raw honey and natural beeswax.Its excellent nutritional characteristics give us a precious food for our well-being: with its contribution of sugars, vitamins, small amounts of proteins, antioxidants, minerals, polyphenols and enzymes. In particular, the presence of the enzyme known as glucose oxidase gives the honeycomb antifungal and antibacterial properties, which protect our intestine from fungi and bacteria that can cause the onset of diseases including Candida albicans. Furthermore, beeswax promotes the natural regulation of intestinal processes.How to use: To fully enjoy the honey in the comb it is advisable to remove a piece of it and chew it for a few minutes: the wax does not alter its natural flavor .It lends itself to numerous uses. It can also be eaten by spreading it on a slice of toast or to accompany dried fruit. Ideal with cereals, but also to dress particular salads or ice cream. Its pairing with cold cuts and cheeses is delicious. Also excellent for sweetening low-fat yogurt or in the preparation of desserts.
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