Manufacturer: POLARA
GASSOSA CL. 27.5 SCREW CAP (MINIMUM SALE 6 BT.) The renowned Gassosa Polara, the queen of soft drinks of the past, is prepared according to a jealously guarded recipe that contains: natural extract of fragrant Sicilian lemons, sugar and bubbles. Ingredients that give the palate a simple, sweet and slightly aromatic taste. This drink, from the Antica Ricetta Siciliana line, is ideal to sip together with homemade desserts for snacks and children's parties but also while enjoying a classic Sicilian arancino (excellent with the rustic Sicilian street-food and pizza) or as pleasant digestive with a slice of lemon. This drink, ideal for summer aperitifs and as a base for non-alcoholic cocktails and soft drinks, owes its delicate aroma to the goodness of the ancient recipe used and to the selected and natural ingredients. The packaging with a vintage flavor and the classic retro drink glass bottle, give a touch of class to the drinks list of bars, wine bars and trendy clubs.
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